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Hi, I'm Jacob. Experience Designer based in Freiburg, Germany. Piloting your idea from draft to launch. Human-centered.

Molding digital solutions as a project manager at kultwerk. Explored ideas for a sustainable future at the Thomas Franke lab. Acquired my skillset in project & product management from Daniel Offermann and studying Media Informatics in Lübeck.

Experience Design Is Storytelling

Imagine coming back from a vacation and meeting up with friends for the first time. You share stories about the trip and how relaxing it was, the great accommodation, the authentic pizzeria around the corner, and the exciting day trips. Enthusiasm. Joy of life.

At its core, experience design is storytelling. We aren't developing solutions for positive results in questionnaires - we are designing for great stories.

What's missing from that story? That the destination and accommodation were suggested by an algorithm; that the booking could be confirmed with just one click on the smartphone; that the pizzeria was recommended in the handy guest guide and that there was an app for the region that made it easy to plan and book day trips without getting stranded.

I want to empower humans to experience memorable stories.

A Journey Worth Taking

A while back, I stumbled across the Process of Design Squiggle by Damien Newman, and it keeps steering me back to this analogy ever since. As well as in design, the journey to a human-centered, action-integrated experience starts messy, elaborating and discarding ideas till the sky clears and the ideal solution evolves.

This process can be challenging, exhausting. But it's the prologue to a great story, and I am convinced that it is worthwhile.

Noise / Uncertainty / Patterns / Insights

Clarity / Focus

Research & Synthesis

Concept / Design


On A Personal Note

I'm neither a design guru nor a coding crack - but I understand and can bridge both worlds. Besides being a father and husband, I'm led by the ideas of sustainable, human-centered digitalization and user experience design.

With my team, I deliver carefully crafted digital solutions for humans - structured, autonomous, solution-focused, and with a keen eye for detail. With my calm, open-minded nature and quick perception, I serve as an anchor in interdisciplinary collaboration, addressing challenges openly and directly at all times and trying to empathize with the perspective of my counterpart.

Elaborating, developing, optimizing products and services that solve a defined problem as straightforward as possible; working with and connecting people with all kinds of backgrounds, expertise, and individual perspectives; making everyday life delightful, smooth, and pleasant regarding human-technology interaction

- that's what I'm striving for.

Tools To Thrive On

Everybody is talking about their tech stack, but what about your #lifestack? What are your digital and physical day-to-day companions that make your world go round?

iPhone X

My iPhone X is my assistant director. I certaintly don't know anyone who can do a better job at facilitating great life experiences. Well, except for other humans, of course.


I'm wearing the “Permanent Collection” by Asket. It’s comfortable, high quality, durable – and I’m even reducing my environmental footprint at the same time. A no brainer!


Our brain can process information with incredible speed, but one unfinished task blocks resources like a Chrome browser. I declutter my brain with Todoist to get things done.

Ampler Curt

My Curt by Ampler Bikes keeps me mobile. It’s one hell of an e-bike and perfect for commuting in urban areas – even with a child seat. I just adore it.


To stay sane in the age of information, I channel all input with Feedly. Websites, newsletter, Google trends, Twitter, Reddit - all in one place. Welcome back, RSS!

Affinity Suite

I always try to imagine Adobe’s face realising that Affinity by Serif is here to stay, facing one of the biggest digital players with nothing but confidence and quality.

MacBook Pro

After 20+ years with Windows, I finally took the leap to Mac with an MacBook Pro by Apple. Never looked back. It's simply an astounding smooth digital experience.


I still wonder if they didn't have any German-speaking folks when choosing that name, or if it's an inside joke. Set that aside, prototyping in Figma is a blast and I urge you to give it a shot!


Why does Twitter feel like the only social network for adults, but at the same time can be the biggest kindergarten in the neighborhood?